ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes joined “Busted Open” with Dave Lagreca and Bully Ray today to address the “All In” 10k seat show that he and the Young Bucks were reportedly self-financing for next year.

During the show, Cody confirmed he and Matt & Nick Jackson are funding the show, and that they do want Ring Of Honor to be involved in some capacity. Additionally, Cody said his dream main event for the show would be for him to defend the ROH World Championship against Daniel Bryan.

You can read a few excerpts below:

Cody comments on why they are running the show, when they can start discussing the event in detail:

We’re far enough in the process to let people know, to give them the head’s up, the indication that this is something that is going to be happening. The bet with Dave Meltzer and myself, it’s not about that anymore at all, it’s about doing it. That’s really where we’re at in the process. As details come in, full transparency, there are no marks to me; you’re a fan or a friend. So everyone will know, and I’m very open on my social space, so everyone will know what’s what, when is what, and where is what, which is currently where we’re at in the process.

ROH’s involvement with ‘ALL IN’:

Ring Of Honor has been on fire, you know this Bully [Ray]. They’re on fire right now with the streak of sellouts, with Final Battle approaching, it’s so special in itself, it’s something that we would like them to be a part of because Ring Of Honor has been our home.

Joe [Koff], Greg [Gilliland] and all of the higher-ups at Ring Of Honor put their faith in me and the Bucks, and in turn we have our faith in them. So, as I get real details so I’m not just speaking to you vaguely, you guys will be the first to know. Every time something breaks, if you want me to come on Busted Open and break it, I’ll do it. It’s just a matter of it’s really happening in 2018, 10,000 seats are going to be filled, and we are swinging for the damn fences.

Bully asks if it’s fair to call this an independent show put on by himself and the Young Bucks:

I think it’s fair to paint the picture that myself, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson are self-financing the 10,000 seat show. Where we go from here, because there’s a lot of folks that want to be a part of it, where we go from here is very much up in the air.

Bully asks if it’s going to be in a great wrestling city, like New York, Chicago or Philadelphia:

All three of those cities you mentioned, as the field narrows down, and the discussions we’ve had with various buildings, and the specs on various buildings, all three of those cities, there’s an arena in each of them that’s currently being discussed. Not to mention the West Coast, Ontario [California], somebody already blabbed about that already, which is fine, because I want people to be excited, that’s the point.

The whole point is for fans to be excited, but I certainly think it will be in one of those cities that has a rich tradition and a great wrestling fan base. We want people from everywhere. We want to appeal to the world, and that’s been the sentiment with Ring Of Honor as of late. The product of Ring Of Honor appeals to the world. Their partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling has really helped with that, so we want the same.

Bully asks in a perfect world, fantasy booking, what would Cody’s main event be?

Me versus Daniel Bryan, and for the Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. If I could have everything, that’s what I would do.