The viewership totals and ratings are in for (July 6 and Impact Wrestling’s numbers bounced back after dropping the week prior. The viewership was back up to 345K from 268K. The ratings number stayed steady at 0.07.

This was the fallout show from a Slammiversary event that saw Alberto El Patron win the unified world title. While it was not advertised (though spoilers were available), there was a title rematch against Bobby Lashley last night.

Next week there will be the follow up from LAX’s involvement in that title rematch as well a big announcement from Gail Kim and the continuation of the Super X Cup tournament.

The numbers from the last month:

This week: 345K / 0.07
June 28: 268K / 0.07
June 21: 342K / 0.1
June 15: 327K / 0.08
June 8: 318K / 0.06