Ever since rumors started swirling that wrestling’s favorite pirate might be headed stateside, folks have been waiting for a sign, and this morning at the Stardom show at Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, we got a full-on announcement of her departure from Stardom.

Kairi Hojo signed with WWE in March but kept it quiet in the meantime.

Kairi has some business to attend to yet, however, as she still holds the Wonder of Stardom Championship (for which she has her next title defense scheduled against Mayu Iwatani, who challenged her after coming up short in their annual Cinderella Tournament) as well as having just won the Artist of Stardom Championship alongside Konami and Hiromi Mimura immediately before making her announcement.

What makes things interesting is that the previous Artist of Stardom Champions were AZM, HZK, and Io Shirai, who has been rumored to be WWE-bound as well. Shirai also still has a singles title to drop, the World of Stardom Championship, and hey, she also has a challenger breathing down her neck, as Toni Storm, upon winning the Cinderella Tournament, used her win to set the match.