It’s been a crazy week for the Hardy Boyz.

Rumors hit early in the week they were leaving TNA. Those quickly proved to be true, with both sides confirming their departure on March 1. Reports followed they were in discussions with WWE about a return.

Then tonight happened.

At Ring of Honor (ROH)’s Manhattan Mayhem VI – an untelevised event in Hammerstein Ballroom – Broken Matt & Jeff “Brother Nero” Hardy showed up after tag champs The Young Bucks defeated Lio Rush & Jay White to retain the belts. The Hardys challenged the Bucks, with whom they’ve been feuding across promotions since late last year, and Matt & Nick Jackson accepted.

The match which followed ended with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb, and the Hardys claimed ROH tag gold.

Afterwards, Matt got the microphone and dropped another bombshell:

And now the greatest tag team in all of space and time are the Ring of Honor, the Honorable Ring, the ROH tag team champions of the world. Nero, you know a lot of people thought, whenever we left that dreadful TNA Many, many people speculated that we were going to sign a contract with the [mumble] MeekMahan. Now myself and the nefarious Nero, we exist on the plane known as the Honorable Ring. And the Bucks of Youth used to have the biggest contract in ROH history… until the Hardys signed a contract. And this is only the beginning! We will be on the 15th Anniversary show on pay-per-view Friday. We will be at the television tapings on Saturday. We will be in Lakeland on April 1st. And now the Hardys house their talents and their vessels where the greatest wrestling in the world resides… ROH!