With all of the changes to Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett is looking to right the ship in a big way.

Scott Fishman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer at Spike, met with Jeff Jarrett recently. The two sides spoke at today’s Impact tapings and discussed a potential return to the network.

Fishman was a big part of Impact/TNA’s run early on with Spike, but the channel will be switching to “Paramount Channel” next year. This has many within Bellator worried that Viacom’s perception of MMA may change and that they’ll no longer “fit the portfolio” of the network, despite an internal memo that states they will.

Impact will return to Spike in the UK next month, and now the company is looking to get on a paying station in the US,  as opposed to the barter deal they have in place on Pop TV. Also, with Pop TV,  the show doesn’t have HD coverage in many markets, which is another of their stated goals.