ECW legend Sabu, who was doing a interview with Sports Illustrated, talked about inducting “The Shiek” into the WWE Hall Of Fame class back in 2007 and gives his overall opinion on the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Below is his comments:

“It’s such a fake Hall of Fame,I’d only do it because I need the money. I don’t know if I would mother— everyone or if I would take it graciously, but I don’t consider it a real Hall of Fame. It’s not like the Baseball Hall of Fame or the Football Hall of Fame. They let anybody in it, anybody who could draw money. The real wrestling Hall of Fames are in Iowa and Amsterdam, New York. They look for donations because they’re so broke, but they have s**t from the 1800s. Vince’s Hall of Fame only has s**t from Vince’s company. If you didn’t work for his company, you’re not in the Hall of Fame. That’s nothing to do with how good you are, it only matters who owned them.”