IMPACT opens with a video recapping MVP’s rise to power and the formation of his alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King.

The TNA World Champion, Eric Young enters the IMPACT Zone to hype his upcoming Slammiversary battle against MVP.  MVP enters with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King.  MVP tells Eric Young that he’s a world class athlete and that Sunday he’ll becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Eric Young demands respect and has one simple request:  A fair fight.  MVP says a fair fight at Slammiversary is not guaranteed, but that Eric Young may pick the stipulation for the match if he can beat two of them tonight.


The bell sounds immediately when IMPACT returns.  Eric Young slides out of the ring to fight Bobby Lashley.  Lashley changes the momentum and begins dominating Young with a series of spears.

As Eric young begins mounting some offense, he is overpowered and tossed from the ring by the powerful Lashley.  Lashley’s onslaught continues outside the ring until he’s ready to make a pin attempt.  Eric Young kicks out and quickly finds himself in a series of back-breaker submission holds, including the torture rack.

Eric Young reverses the second back-breaker and scores a series of near-falls.  Eric goes for a diving assault from the top rope, but is captured by Lashley and pinned following The Dominator!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley’s post-match assault is thwarted when Samoa Joe rushes the ring to make the save.

Backstage:  Willow cuts a bizarre promo.

Backstage:  Eric Young is checked out by a medical trainer who advises him against competing again tonight!

Backstage:  Samoa Joe hypes the power of Bobby Lashley before claiming Lashley will be his next victim.

Magnus and Bram enter the arena.  Bram introduces Magnus – “the most brutal man I knew growing up.”  Magnus talks about his return to a more brutal, previous version of himself.  Bram says unlike Magnus, Jeff Hardy needs an alter-ego to believe in himself.

Willow’s cackle sounds through the arena as he enters.  Willow says, “I’m out here giving you a chance to run.  I am dangerous.  I am from Jeff Hardy’s imagination! Where Jeff Hardy can’t go – I go.”  Willow hypes his match against Magnus at Slammiversary and promises victory with someone in his corner.  Willow introduces “The Monster” Abyss!  Willow and Abyss storm and clear the ring, sending Magnus and Bram up the ramp to regroup.

Backstage:  A video recap of last week’s first-blood match airs, to show EC3 bleeding.  EC3 says, as his Aunt Dixie vowed, “Everybody is going to pay!”


“You are now in – the – mix!” welcomes viewers back to the IMPACT Zone.

DJ Z introduces Robbie E (with Jessie), who he claims has conquered his fear of clowns.  The BroMans make their way to the ring as Robbie E prepares to face Knux.

The Menagerie enters, led by “The Ravishing” Rebel, Crazy Steve, The Freak and Knux.  Robbie E nervously awaits his opponent.


Knux begins his assault on Robbie E as the match starts.  The Menagerie’s carnival theme plays continuously throughout the match. While Robbie E is down, Rebel distracts Jessie with splits on the apron, allowing The Freak to intimidate “Mr. Pectacular.”

Robbie E is able to mount some offense, but each move is psychologically countered by Crazy Steve, proving Robbie E has not overcome his fear of clowns.  Knux nails a sit-down powerbomb for the win.

The Managerie taunts Robbie E post-match.  Crazy Steve ties a cluster of balloons to Robbie E’s tights, sending the bro frantically running out of the IMPACT Zone.

Winner:  Knux

Backstage:  Rockstar Spud and EC3 are discussing a special guest for tonight:  Brooke Tessmacher!

EC3 and Rockstar Spud enter the arena and EC3 says he knows the truth about Bully Ray and “his checkered past.”  He introduces Brooke – Bully Ray’s former “main squeeze.”

EC3 asks Brooke if she had a relationship with Bully Ray.  She says yes.  He asks if the relationship is ongoing.  She says no.  EC3 asks why it ended – was it because Bully Ray had late nights, drinking problems, or other women – or maybe he threatened to put her through a table?  Brooke denies all allegations and asks “What is this?”

Rockstar Spud grabs the mic and claims Bully Ray fathered a child with Brooke.  She denies Spud’s claims only to be called a “hussy.”  Brooke is offended and moves Rockstar Spud into the corner.  When she turns, she is met by a threatening EC3 – who questions whether or not to put Brooke through a table!  Bully Ray enters and EC3 and Spud make a quick exit as the crowd chants, “Brooke! Brooke! Brooke!”

Bully Ray vows to put EC3 through a table.  EC3 challenges Bully Ray to a Tables Match amidst a loud “Tables!” chant. Bully Ray counters by challenging EC3 to a Texas Death Match!  EC3 accepts!

Backstage:  Kenny King gloats confidently about his ability to defeat Eric Young.  The match is next.


In from the break, Christy Hemme introduces the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young. Kenny King is out next.  Eric Young and Kenny King lock up and King takes the early advantage.  The two trade the advantage until King nails an unorthodox kick, sending the champion to the mat.

Despite mounting some offense, Kenny King hits Young with a spinning slam.  He then boasts “I told you” as he taunts Eric Young and the audience.  King attempts and misses a spring-board dive, allowing Eric Young to capitalize.  Young drops King with piledriver and scores the pin!

Winner:  Eric Young

Backstage:  Madison Rayne talks about the weird vibe coming from Brittany and the upcoming number one contender’s match, which is next.

Backstage:  The medical trainer advises Eric Young against competing again.

MATCH 4:  No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Knockout’s Championship


Christy Hemme announces the Knockout’s contest.  Brittany is introduced first, followed by her opponents Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.  Gail goes for an immediate pin attempt while Madison is distracted by Brittany.  Brittany and Madison launch an early double-team assault on Gail Kim.

Gail counters, sending both women outside the ring as The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) enter the IMPACT Zone.  Angelina Love and Velvet Sky join Taz and Mike Tenay on commentary as Madison Rayne and Gail Kim battle in the ring.  Madison scores a near-fall.

Brittany re-enters the ring, but is locked into a submission by Gail Kim.  Madison Rayne locks in her own submission on Gail.  Gail releases the hold on Brittany and breaks free of Madison’s hold.  Madison sets Gail on the top rope.  Brittany assists Madison, landing a double superplex on Gail Kim!

Brittany attempts to cover.  Madison interrupts the count and argues with Brittany.  Brittany sends Madison outside face first.  Gail Kim attacks and locks in a figure-four leg lock on the turnbuckle.

The Beautiful People attack Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.  Velvet attempts to spray Gail Kim while Angelina Love has referee Brian Stiffler distracted.  Gail ducks and hits Brittany with the Eat Defeat!

Winner:  Gail Kim

Backstage:  MVP has a secret, inaudible conversation with his “most dependable” referee, Brian Hebner.

Taz and Mike Tenay rundown the final card for Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event.


MVP is out first.  Mike Tenay details MVP’s conversation with Brian Hebner – there will be no interference once the bell rings to signal the start of the match. Eric Young makes his way into the IMPACT Zone for the third time tonight!

Young’s entrance is interrupted by an attack from Kenny King and Bobby Lashley! Lashley slams Eric Young into the steel steps, and then tosses him into the ring.  The bell sounds.

When IMPACT returns from commercial, MVP is easily in control as the crowd roots loudly for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!  MVP maintains control but Eric Young powers out of a pin attempt.  MVP locks in a camel clutch, releases the hold, then taunts the champion and the audience.

MVP powerbombs Eric Young onto the mat, then delivers a second powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle!  MVP makes three pin-attempts and Eric Young kicks out each time at the last possible moment.  Frustrated, MVP grabs a chair and assaults Eric Young.

Winner:  Eric Young (via disqualification)

Post-match, MVP says he doesn’t care what the stipulation is, at Slammiversary he will become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!  MVP poses with the title before beginning his exit.

Eric Young grabs the microphone and says their match will be a Steel Cage Match! The champion exclaims, “I’m just crazy enough!” as IMPACT goes off the air.