Kocosports founder David Kocotos has joined “Con Artist Entertainment” and will be a co-host of their newest show “K-5 Wrestling” with Con Artist’s own Rob Sackett“K-5 Wrestling” will take a different format from Dave’s current show “Wrestle AM” and will feature more guests from both the wrestling and entertainment world. The new show will also include a call in number (347-215-7139) giving members of Kocosports’ “Internet Infantry” a way to voice their opinions outside of chat and Youtube comments.

In addition to the new wrestling show, Kocotos, an experienced author and screenplay writer, has signed an agreement to have one of his latest works “Drone” turned into a comic book series to be produced by Con Artist Entertainment. The character will feature in the existing series “Project: Overwatch” then go on to star in a spin-off series simply entitled “Drone”

CAE Editor-In-Chief/Co-Founder, Martin Dunn said “I’m excited to be bringing Dave and his character Drone into not just the world of Project: Overwatch, but to have Dave join the CAE family! We have a great history and I know everything Dave brings to the table will be awesome!”

“Super excited to do the mash up with David Kocotos and KocoSports and see where we can go with K-5 radio!” said CAE Network Program Manager, Rob Sackett“This will be my first time to dip my toes into the wrestling world with a guy like David Kocotos, hopefully he’s gentle.”

“I had so much fun helping Martin with his Pro Wrestling company after I was finished promoting before I left for Godzilla’s Island.  I’m honored to have the privilege to write comics for him now.” Kocotos told us in a phone interview from Tokyo, “This just shows that helping people might lead to a dream of yours later down the road. I hope people love the story as much as I loved writing it. I met Rob through Martin and we talked for a few minutes and it felt like we were brothers. Both former infantry me USMC him in the Army but I won’t hold that against him. I look forward to having fun talking Pro Wrestling and not jumping through hoops and following rules like Youtube makes you do for every cent. 

Kocotos said he hopes that Kocosports loyal fan base will support the new project, “I hope the Internet Infantry makes the jump with me and enjoys our new show in a new format. Don’t worry Wrestle AM will still be on Youtube and both shows will be available there too but it will be nice to expand the Internet Infantry’s reach from Youtube to Kocosports to CAE. Lets take over the internet together!” 

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