Georges St-Pierre announced his intention to take some time off from mixed martial arts and the UFC after defeating Johny Hendricks in UFC 167 last month. The decision was a controversial one, and it prompted UFC head honcho Dana White to call GSP out on his decision to step away from the brutal sport, demanding that he stick around and fight Hendricks one more time.

St-Pierre has been UFC’s surest bet for a while now. Anderson Silva was the next best thing, until he was defeated in UFC 162 by a knockout punch from Chris Weidman. Odds for UFC 168, when the two will meet for a rematch in Vegas at the end of December, are expected to be a little closer this time around, as Silva had previously defended his title ten times in a row.

Coming back to the Georges St-Pierre-Dana White saga, White was initially set off by the fighter’s comments immediately after the decision was announced for UFC 167: “I have to step away. Right now I have to go away for a little bit.”

It was a swollen and battered GSP who uttered the words, and it’s believed that his decision to take some time off revolves mostly around concerns for his own health and well-being.

Reports surfaced not long ago following GSP’s appearance on a radio show about his announcement that he believed he had been abducted by aliens more than once in his lifetime. The comments lead many fans, pundits and even UFC personality Joe Rogan to believe that the champion MMA fighter could be suffering from brain trauma.

Any serious or long term complications for GSP would be detrimental to the UFC — and to the individual — in more ways than one, so perhaps it’s best for him to step away while he still has his health – or what’s left of it.

For White, however, the bottom line remains the focus of his entire operation, and he undoubtedly sees GSP’s retirement as a major loss of potential revenue.