We are moving again… so the site might go up and down the next few days and their will be a delay on all updates.

Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Good News… Is the way of the Kocosports. Thanks to Google Ads and all their wisdom and fairness we can’t afford a great big server anymore so we moved to a cheap small server but thanks to so many visitors it keeps crashing; so we are moving to the biggest server we can afford. We would like to thank Google for giving us the challenge of making it online with out a fair trial or any details. The internet wouldn’t be fun without challenges.

We will keep moving forward and find other ways to make money online… did some one say t-shirts or naked pictures… No… Ok. We are out of ideas but we will continue to fight the good fight.

On a serious note: We would really like to thank Big Pabo from Multicolor Media for always being the hero we need.

Thank you all for being awesome.

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