Workouts For Judo

Workouts For Judo

Workouts For Judo

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ATTENTION: Beginning and struggling Judokas. An important message from a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian

“With Workouts for Judo you will become Fitter, Faster, Stronger and more Agile – Fast! This manual will give you an Unfair Advantage over not just the guys in your club, but over any guy in your weight division.”


With These Workouts In Your Hands You Can Achieve Major Improvements to Your Judo Game By Being In The Best Shape Of Your Life. Let Me Show You How to Train Like a Top Level Judoka and Achieve Success on the Mat!

Who Am I and What’s This About?

Dear Judoka,

My name is Matt D’Aquino, founder of Beyond Grappling Fitness & Conditioning. I am a Multiple National and Oceania Judo Champion and 2008 Beijing Olympian. I operate a very popular Judo website called, as well as a YouTube channel with over 200 fantastic Judo related videos.

With both of these sites, I have helped thousands of Judo players educate themselves in all aspects of Judo, including fitness and conditioning, technical instruction and injury prevention.

You may have even seen me compete as I travel the world competing in various World Cups and Grand Slams in order to qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

For the past few years I have had thousands of people contacting me about what they should do in the gym, like what exercises they should be performing, and how many reps, etc. I have literally had too many people ask me these types of questions that I have regretfully been unable to answer them all – at least not to the level of instruction that I wanted to.

Because of all these e-mails that I have received from up-and-coming Judokas, I have been able to put together the very first and most comprehensive fitness and conditioning JUDO SPECIFIC manual out there. This answers all the questions I know you have, and can help improve a Judoka faster than they ever thought possible.

Not only will it answer your conditioning questions, but I have included MUCH more in this manual that I have picked up from training with some of the best Judokas in the world and the best training facilities in the world!

Over the past decade I have trained in some of the hardest dojos on the planet and in doing so learnt how totrain properly, effectively and more importantly, specifically for Judo. In my travels I have taken notes, video footage and talked to the best coaches in the world and created a workout regime that made me so fit that I was able to have an attacking work rate so high that I could easily tire out my opponents and feel them question their preparation.

Proven results in action…

Below is my final match at the 2009 Pac Rim Championships. Previous winners of the Pac Rim championships include Beijing Olympic Champion Min-Ho Choi and Top World medallist Hiroaki Hiraoka from Japan.

This was my 3rd fight of the day against top Japanese fighter Tyuyoshi Izumi.

Before watching this fight I want you to take note of a few aspects of the match including:

  • the intensity and pace I set
  • the confidence I have in my conditioning
  • the constant pressure I place my opponent under
  • the fact that I don’t tire
  • the strength in my gripping
  • my agility and foot speed
  • my opponents confidence throughout the whole match
  • how my opponent tries to rest by untying his belt
  • how clear minded I am

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Put simply, my conditioning won me the fight! This is evidence in action that the workouts I use are proven to work at an international level!

Straight off the bat, my attacking work rate basically drained my opponent from wanting to fight.

He didn’t want to be there.

This is a top Japanese ranked fighter that didn’t have an answer.

He even resorted to untying his belt in order to catch a breather!

But due to my superior conditioning through my method of training I was able to throw him with a spectacular foot sweep for the Ippon.

Re-writing the history books as the first Australian to win the Pac Rim Championships.

You can achieve the same level of conditioning!

Imagine knowing that no matter who you were up against that you are fitter, faster and stronger than them.

Imagine talking to your opponents after you beat them so easily. Your opponents will mention how:

“Fit you were..”

“Your grips were so strong..”

“You just didn’t stop putting the pressure on me..”

“Knew it was only a matter of time before they were thrown..”

“Couldn’t believe the level of conditioning you have..”

“What type of training do you do?”

In The End They Want To Know The Secret To Your Success and They Want To Know What Type Of Training YOU Are Doing!

Every workout in this manual can be completed at home or at any fitness facility in the world. These workouts do not contain expensive equipment such as rubber bands, tyres or ab rollers. These workouts use minimal equipment so you can do them just about anywhere there is room.

I have used these workouts in hotels all over the world to prepare for tournaments and get the best possible training in before I fought.

Workouts for Judo will give you the ability to:

  • Increase Overall Fitness
  • Fight harder for longer
  • Increase Strength and Power
  • Improve your Balance and Co-ordination
  • Increase your level of Agility
  • Increase Foot and Hand Speed

For only $37 you will have your very own fitness and conditioning manual written exclusively by an International Judo Olympian.

You have nothing to lose! If you don’t like Workouts for Judo you can ask for your money back – So there is no risk to you. Today, you can get started on the world’s first workout manual designed for Judo by an internationally Judo fighter.

Remember! This manual is not designed by a personal trainer who has no clue about Judo. Most strength and conditioning coaches don’t know what it feels like to be fighting alone on the mat, to feel your opponents strength, feel their cauliflower ears rubbing against your forehead and feel the moment when your opponent starts to question their conditioning and know the moment when they start thinking they are going to lose.

Basically, this manual will give you the tools needed to help you achieve the fitness and conditioning needed for international Judo tournaments

Workouts for Judo is written by a Judoka who knows all too well the feeling of winning and losing and the awesome feeling of knowing when your superior conditioning has sucked the life and motivation out of your opponent.

With step by step photographs of 30 Judo specific exercises, in addition to 30 intense workouts that need little to no equipment this manual is a must for all Judo players.

Say goodbye to:

  • Being unfit
  • Not being agile enough
  • Not being able to keep up with your opponents
  • Not knowing how to train properly

If you order today you will get a special bonuses edition of Workouts For Judo including information regarding:

  • Affects of de-hydration
  • Importance of sleep (and strategies to assist you)
  • Info on Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats
  • Importance of food and training journals – With BONUS templates!

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With this manual I will show how to train for Judo with step by step photos of every exercise as well as easy to understand instructions

You won’t be doing boring workouts such as interval training on a treadmill…

You will be completing high energy, fun, exciting workouts that will greatly benefit your Judo game…

You will find that not just your fitness will improve but also your agility, speed and your throwing ability in the dojo…

And you will feel more confident knowing that the workouts you are undertaking are being done daily by thousands of international Judokas all over the world.


      • How to train like a world class judoka in your very own dojo or home gym
      • 29 exercises that increase speed, power, agility, strength, stability, balance and aerobic capacity
      • 30 Judo specific workouts – carefully designed to translate directly to success on the mat
      • How internationally ranked Judokas train day in day out

All of this information can be yours in only a few minutes and for only a few dollars.

Stop doing everything wrong in your Fitness and Conditioning for Judo and start getting results with Workouts for Judo.

If you don’t discover the secrets of the proven workouts contained in this manual, you’ll continue to struggle completing fitness and conditioning programs that will not benefit you on the mat. They haven’t worked for you in the past, and they’re not going to start working now.

So here’s your chance to use a fitness and conditioning program that is proven to get you results on the mat. Whether it is agility, strength or superior fitness, this manual is for you. Used by Judokas on nearly every continent on earth… and all for only $37

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Buy today and you will also receive…

Advanced Workouts for Judo
WARNING: Not for the faint hearted!This manual contains harder exercises and spirit crushing workouts that will push you and your body to the absolute limit! These workouts will increase your core strength, core stability, power and mental toughness whether you like it or not.This is a manual for those Judoka who want to push their opponents so hard that their opponents simply give in and quit mid way through the fight.
Workouts for Judo video demonstrationsFor your convenience I have filmed each and every exercise in both Workouts for Judo and Advanced Workouts for Judo.Now you don’t have to worry if you are doing the exercises right or wrong. Simply watch and rewatch all the exercises to make sure you are getting the most out of each Judo specific movement.
Advanced Workouts for Judo video demonstrationsFor your convenience I have filmed each and every exerciseAdvanced Workouts for Judo.Now you can perform the more advanced movements in Advanced Workouts for Judo and know that your are properly and effectively.
Maximum Grip Training for JudoGrip strength and gripping in general is crucial to success in Judo. Grip strength will help you dominate grips, have stronger Kuzushi (breaking of opponents balance) as well as be able to finish any gi choke you have applied.Included is over 35 exercises, movements and workouts that will strengthen your grip and assist in you having a stronger Judo game.