The Boxing Blueprint

The Boxing Blueprint

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Look Fighters,

I’m a former fighter myself who knows what’s it’s like to be in the ring. I’m also a boxing skill trainer AND a certified strength/conditioning coach. I’ve BEEN in the trenches from being a fighter, skill coach, and strength/conditioning coach for the past 16 years. I know BS when I see it and I know what works. I’ve been watching what’s been going on for far too long. That’s why I’ve come out with this training system so you don’t make a lot of the same dumb mistakes and costly training errors as many other fighters do.

It’s time to learn the truth as to what will make you stronger, faster, more explosive, and give you endless endurance. This is NOT hype, it’s really not that hard to achieve provided you follow certain concrete training principles in this training system that are backed by science and sprinkled with real world training experience.

WARNING: There are no pills or potions and this will take some hard work on your part, so if you’re looking for a magic-fix then this isn’t for you . But if you’re looking for a solution to your strength and conditioning needs that’s not only based on science and theory but also tested in the ring, then the info you’re about to read may be the most important info you ever read.

Is This You?

• Tired of making it to the semi finals of the big amateur boxing tournaments year after year but you just can’t get past that hump?

• Where you a dominant JO fighter? Perhaps a National Champion but you’re struggling with the stronger grown men in the open division?

• Are you a pro fighter that graduated to fighting 8-10 round main event cards but you physically fall apart in the middle/late rounds?

• Are you tired of spending extra time in the gym but you just aren’t getting better and you’re basically still the same fighter skill wise? It’s driving you nuts being frustrated and wondering what’s the problem?

• Are you a great outside fighter but just get manhandled in the inside?

• Do the same injuries keep popping up in training camp preventing you from fighting at your best?

• Do you keep ballooning up in weight between fights and it’s becoming a draining struggle to keep the weight off let alone take it off during training?

• Do you lack that physical presence in the ring and basically get bullied around from pillar to post?

Well The Solution Is Right  At Your Finger Tips!
“Fighters and coaches will HATE me for sharing this cutting edge training information with you” 
These training methods are for people who want to…

➔ Increase their strength levels to handle infighting and bully their opponents on the inside.

➔ Increase their strength while staying comfortable within their weight division.

➔ Increase hand speed & explosive bone jarring punching power.

➔ Develop explosive strength that will have their opponents sleeping on the mat and not getting up.

➔ Improve foot speed and quickness.

➔ Develop endurance that will have them fighting the later rounds like they are the early rounds.That’s fight lasting endurance

➔ Improve conditioning to fight ANY pace, and to swallow their opponents with their own suffocating fast fight pace.

➔ Have the leg strength/endurance to box the last round like it’s the first.

➔ End the recurring injuries.

➔ Train correctly and learn how to strengthen common imbalances to prevent injuries from happening.

➔ Train less and gain better results!

➔ Learn effective recovery methods that speed up recovery and readiness.

➔ Build a bullet proof core that can take any body attack.

➔ Build a strong and explosive core that generates amazing punching power.

Over the years I’ve studied and interned with the best strength/conditioning coaches in the world and combined a lot of that knowledge with real world trials and errors into this comprehensive training manual. Simply put… This isn’t fluff.

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Introducing The Boxing Blue Print Strength/Conditioning System
Brian Fernie
Here’s a sample of what you will get when you download The Boxing Blue Print

✓ Mobility, Flexibility & Foam Rolling Exercise Guide
✓ Strength Exercise Programs for a beginner, amateur, and pro fighter
✓ Cutting edge explosive KO power exercise programs
✓ Sample planning training cycles using conjugate periodization
✓ Unique & effective core exercises that will rip you up & build bullet proof abdominal armor
✓ Hardcore conditioning drills & exercises that will build endless endurance while ripping the fat off you fast.
✓ Injury prevention exercises that will keep the nagging injuries away
✓ Proven regeneration methods that will have you recovering fast while feeling rejuvenated
Over 150 pages of quality instantly & useful training programs and exercises.

You Also Get 4 More Bonuses Worth $225 For Free
If you order now, I’ll also include these three bonuses with your Ebook:

I want you to get your hands on these bonuses right now but you have to move on this really quick.

Here’s why – my 30 day email coaching program is extremely important to me. ( $150 Value! )

I always make sure that I answer your questions and give you the best training advice I possibly can. So I can only do this for 50 people at any one time.

Be one of the first 50 to buy The Boxing Blue Print and your spot is secure. Do not wait or you WILL miss out because I will remove the email coaching offer when more slots are free.

#1: 30 Days Email Coaching (Worth $150)The Boxing Blue Print training system is really comprehensive and the programs are easy to understand. I am sure you will have questions though. With your order, you’ll get my private email address. Feel free to use it to ask me any question about the workouts. I will answer your questions within 2 business days. I’ll be in your corner from the beginning.
#2: Joe Rossi’s Advanced Explosive Power Exercise Series
($29 Value)
Real world strength/conditioning coach Joe Rossi gives you bone jarring explosive exercises and programs to instantly add in your training.
#3: Joe Hashey’s Advanced Battling Rope Workout Series
( $29 Value )
Joe has come up with some sick battling rope progressions to instantly add in your training. Think you are in shape? I challenge you now to try these battling rope progressions and workouts!
#4: Free One Month Membership to
( $15.00 Value )
This is the premier site for combining old school boxing skill with 21st century sports science. There is a forum to ask questions and talk training along with hundreds of training videos, articles, and interviews with some of the best coaches in the world.

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Additional Bonus: FREE Updates for Life!

F you act immediately, you get everything in digital format for this low introductory training investment of $47.
If you are looking for the FINAL Competitive Edge to being a devastatingly effective fighter then your search is over.
These training methods are proven and you get immediate access to them for a special (protected) low price. Give it a try for 60 days and see the results for yourself.

Now it’s time to get started. 

Coach Rob

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