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“To Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents of Wrestlers…

Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets

To Building Stronger, Faster and Better-Conditioned Wrestlers?

…Keep Reading To Discover The Truth About Wrestling Strength & Conditioning & How You Can Get In Shape Faster Than Ever From The Coach The Top Wrestling Programs In The World Count On To Deliver Results!”

 Dear Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents,

Are you happy with your strength, speed and conditioning for the wrestling mat?

Do you get out-muscled during wrestling matches even though you’ve trained hard for the entire season?

Are you losing wrestling matches because you’re tired in the third period?

It’s not your fault and there is hope…

You’ve been using ‘ineffective’ training and nutrition programs. You might even be using the same training and nutrition advice that you learned from your coach, who learned it from his coach and so on…

If You Want To Develop Champion Wrestlers You MUST Train Them With Just The Right Amount Of Wrestling-Specific Strength and Conditioning As Well As Perfect Nutrition!

Wrestling is tough… really tough. Therefore the strength, conditioning and nutrition program for a wrestler needs to be tough, yet in the correct amount to keep them strong, fast, conditioned and injury-free!

Wrestling Requires A Scientific Approach To Strength And Conditioning As Well As Nutrition That Is Different From Any Other Sport!

Most programs from the Youth level all the up through High School and College have wrestlers that will never reach their potential because they aren’t training and eating correctly.

You simply cannot wrestle at your best if you don’t train on programs designed specifically for wrestling.

Imagine how many more matches you can win as a wrestler if you train using the right program for your body… instead of just going to practice and then ‘winging it’ with your training and nutrition.

My name is Steve Preston. I’m a 30 year veteran to strength and conditioning training, Physical Education Specialist, and have been working exclusively with wrestlers and MMA athletes the last 10 years.

You may have been one of the thousands of wrestlers, coaches and parents who have successfully used my unique training programs and nutrition methods…

I decided to take it a step further by giving you my best wrestling training programs that I’ve developed and used with wrestlers from all over the world…

That’s why I put together a ‘kit’ for wrestlers, coaches and parents that would be an all-in-one resource for cutting-edge strength, conditioning and nutrition programs for wrestlers.

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If you’re a wrestler looking to get into top condition and ‘keep the peak’ and then the Wrestling Performance Kit is exactly what you need. You might even be a ‘workout junkie’ who loves to have tons of killer workouts to try. You’ll have enough workouts to cover your entire wrestling career!

If you’re a Coach and you want an all-in-one resource to having the strongest, fastest and best conditioned wrestlers in your area you will love it. The Big Book of Wrestling Workouts alone is worth the cost of the entire product. There are so many workouts, your wrestlers will never get bored or stale.

If you’re a Parent of a wrestler and you want him to safely and effectively cut weight, gain weight or keep the same weight then this is the perfect program for you. You’ll have simple recipes and meal plans to help your wrestler keep strong and healthy for any situation!

On the other hand…

If you’re as strong as you need to be to outmuscle your opponents you don’t need this.

If you have enough mat speed and don’t want to gain additional speed don’t waste your time on this product.

If you never get tired when you wrestle and feel great at the end of a full match then don’t bother with this.

If you like starving yourself when you cut weight and like feeling like crap then I can’t help you.

I think most wrestlers, coaches and parents would agree that wrestling is one of the toughest sports in the world.

If you aren’t giving your body the right amount of training, conditioning and nutrition in scientifically-correct ratios you are losing out.

Most would agree that there is always a way to do anything… and then there’s the BEST way to do something.

The Wrestling Performance Kit isn’t just a workout. It’s a complete Library of my best training and nutrition secrets for specifically training wrestlers. You’ll be able to use this one-stop resource for any wrestlers entire career!!

Unlike most ‘wrestling training programs’ out there, my Wrestling Performance Kit covers nutrition as well as training. You simply can’t have one without the other and expect optimal results.

The best part about it is you can instantly download the Wrestling Performance Kit to your computer and get started today!

Yours in victory,

Steve Preston

Steve Preston

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