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Do You Want To Develop Bone-Crushing Grip Strength,
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From: Steve Preston MSc, Sports Performance Specialist

Steve Preston

To All Serious Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents,

If you’re interested in building up strength, speed and conditioning for wrestling as quickly as possible, without weight training, gym memberships or fancy equipment, then continue reading… because this will be the most important letter you’ll read in your wrestling career.

Here’s why:

My name is Steve Preston. I’m the world’s leading Sports Performance Specialist for Wrestlers, and author of many articles in Wrestling USA Magazine.

I’m also the creator of the original “Ultimate Wrestling Strength” program which has helped thousands of wrestlers world-wide develop strength, speed and conditioning to achieve better wrestling performances than ever before.

I’ve developed a revolutionary new body weight version of this program called Ultimate Wrestling Power, which was designed specifically to help wrestlers get stronger, faster and gain peak condition in record time – without fancy weight training equipment or expensive gym memberships.

Ultimate Wrestling Power is scientifically proven and it is endorsed by world-class wrestlers and coaches, as well as Parents.

In fact, the Ultimate Wrestling Power program has helped dozens of wrestlers from my exclusive members-only website become stronger, faster and better-conditioned than any program they have ever tried – in less time too!

The Amazing Discovery Of The Ultimate Wrestling Power Training System

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The Ultimate Wrestling Power Body Weight training system is the combined result of over 6 years of University study (with an emphasis on Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology), 30 years of hands-on, in the trenches strength training, more Conferences and Clinics than I care to count, and thousands of personal training clients both in-person and on-line.

It started in 1994 when I was coaching Middle School Wrestling along side of one of my good friends. I was concerned when the wrestlers were getting worn-out and fatigued half-way through their matches. They were also losing matches that they should have won… had they been stronger and in better condition.

I sat down and began outlining training programs that would address the weaknesses of our wrestlers so they could increase their strength, power, speed and conditioning to win more matches. Most of the wrestlers didn’t have access to fancy gyms with cutting- edge equipment… so I carefully carved out a plan that could be done with Body Weight, Partner Drills and very simple training tools.

The results were amazing!!

The wrestlers I was training with body weight workouts (and simple tools) were getting just as strong and conditioned as my Personal Training clients that had access to over $300,000 of the best strength and conditioning equipment.

I knew from my personal Strength training accomplishments (I was ranked #3 in the World in my weight class for Powerlifting in 1991) that the most-important factor when designing programs was “Progressive Resistance.” In order to get any athlete stronger, I needed to develop programs that would become increasingly difficult throughout the program in order to achieve the goal of improved strength, speed and conditioning.

I also knew that by selecting the right exercises, at the right time, the result would be improved wrestling performances.

Here Are The Scientific Facts About Getting Stronger, Faster and Conditioned for Wrestling

Science Fact

Wrestling is a unique sport that is highly anaerobic in nature. That means that the training for wrestling needs to be anaerobic in nature. Jogging is aerobic, and has very little carry-over to the type of conditioning a wrestler needs. It can actually break down too much muscle tissue, leaving wrestlers tired, weak and prone to injury.

Science Fact

Unlike other sports where pure running speed is necessary, wrestling requires quickness on the feet without covering a lot of distance. This means that the exercises that a wrestler uses to get faster and quicker should be different than those used by athletes in every other sport.

Science Fact

Wrestling is a sport that requires different types of training throughout the year. The training performed during the Offseason MUST be different than the training during the Inseason. (If a wrestler tries to train the same way during their Inseason as they do during their Offseason, they will undoubtedly get burnt out and hurt).

Science Fact

Wrestling is very intense and requires 100% intensity for success. Many Strength Coaches who train athletes want them to ‘hold-back’ and train at a lower intensity for their sport. If you ‘hold-back’ on the wrestling mat you will get pinned really fast. Therefore, strength and conditioning training for wrestling needs to be High- Intensity in order to prepare the wrestler for the demands of the sport.

Science Fact

Many wrestlers cut weight in order to drop down to a lower weight class. The thinking behind this is that they can put the weight back on after they weigh- in and be as big and strong as possible in their weight class. This constant weight- cutting forces the body to ‘cannibalize’ its own lean muscle tissue for food. This leads to a weakened condition as the season progresses. Because of this, a wrestler must have just the right amount of strength and conditioning training or they will quickly overtrain.

These are the facts about wrestling and its training requirements. Most wrestlers follow the advice that they get from their coaches, who use the same methods that they got from their own coach etc. If you’re not training correctly you will never reach your full wrestling potential, and are leaving yourself open for an injury.

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Here’s a Peek Inside the Ultimate Wrestling Power 

Body Weight Training for Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual…

Ultimate Wrestling Power Manual

 Offseason Training to Get Diesel-Strong

Discover how the principles of Progressive Resistance and High-Intensity are combined to accelerate your strength gains in your upper body, lower body and core. The perfect exercise combinations to build that brute strength that you usually can’t get from body weight training. You’ll learn how to take increase your strength throughout your entire off-season.

 Preseason Training to Get Explosive and Fast and Conditioned

This is the phase of the program where you will change your training so you become faster as the season gets closer. You’ll get a complete blue-print to prepare for your season. (This is where you’ll start practice on the first day as a warrior… not some out of shape blob.) You’ll learn how much and when to do your Conditioning so you have never-ending cardio all season long.

 Inseason Training to Keep Strong All Season

If you’ve used my other programs you know that I am a big believer in preserving muscle during the season. This is where most wrestlers go wrong. The Inseason program is a body weight system to keep strong and energetic all season. You’ll keep your endurance throughout the entire match and even into overtime.

 5 Phases of Training

You’ll get the 2 Offseason programs, 2 Preseason programs, and 1 Inseason program for constant progress. Learn how to keep you body from getting over-trained and keep your progress in the right direction.

 The Best Exercises for the Wrestling-Specific Muscles

The best body weight and simple tools exercises to transform your mat performances. Become quicker, develop a vice-like grip, and never get gassed at the end of a match again. I’ll dramatically cut down on the time you’d waste looking for the best exercises. You can set up your home wrestling training program and have a teammate do it with you for the best progress.

 The 2 Key Training Principles to Get Into the Best Wrestling Condition Fast

I’m going to show you how to incorporate the principles of Progressive Resistance and High Intensity in order to become as powerful and conditioned as possible… in a fraction of the time that other programs have. That’s because I do it differently from most other trainers. You’ll learn exactly how much of each exercise to do in order to get the best results!

 ‘Done for You’ Workouts

I make it really easy for you to follow the program. Simply go through the manual to get an understanding of what to do, then print out the program and you’re set. You get a template that you can fill in to chart your progress for ultimate success.

 Exercise Photos

You’ll know exactly what to do with these exercise pictures. Each wrestling-specific exercise is fully explained as well. Each training section has it’s separate pictures for you so it’s easy to get started today.

Stop Wasting Money On Bodybuilding Programs That Won’t Do Anything
But Make You Stiff And Slow On The Mat and Try The Proven Wrestling Specific Training Program Today

I know you’ve probably heard so many different ideas on how to train for wrestling, so I don’t blame you for being confused. It’s not your fault. With all of the conflicting information you hear from old-school coaches, it’s no wonder there are so many wrestlers who never reach their peak potential on the wrestling mat.

That’s exactly why I created a strength and conditioning program based on 30 years of strength training for myself and my training clients before releasing it to you. It’s also why I’ve backed it up with an iron-clad guarantee.

Ultimate Wrestling Power has worked for thousands of others and it will work for you too or you can keep the program for FREE, plain and simple. All you have to do is click on the link below to order and I promise you will be amazed at the strength and conditioning level you achieve fast!


Steve Preston

Steve Preston, MSc, Sports Performance Specialist
Author, Ultimate Wrestling Power and Ultimate Wrestling Strength
Wrestling USA Magazine contributing author

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