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To Wrestlers and Coaches Looking for FAST Improvements On The Wrestling Mat…

Discover How To Turbo-Charge Your Wrestling Skills In ONLY 28 Days… With Cutting-Edge “Specialized Workouts”!

An eye-opening article revealing the latest break-through in wrestling-specific strength and conditioning training!

By Steve Preston MSed

Believe it or not, for the first time in history you can actually use “specialization training” to improve any aspect of your wrestling for more wins on the wrestling mat.  And you’ll do it in 28 short days.

Dear Wrestling Friend,

This is Steve Preston of Wrestling Performance and I’m pumped that you found this website because you’re about to learn how wrestlers, JUST LIKE YOU are experiencing the fastest improvements ever in their wrestling performance – every 28 days like clock work – using the exact same system I’m about to tell you about on this page.

Wrestling is a sport that has many challenges both physically and mentally… and only the strong survive in this sport.  You can’t neglect any aspect of your wrestling or you won’t win…

For success in wrestling you need to train:

  • take down defense
  • foot speed and quickness
  • stand ups and escapes
  • pinning combinations
  • take downs
  • situational drills
  • and a ton more…

You train these things day in and day out, for hours and hours… drilling them over and over and over again.  But sometimes that’s not good enough.  Sometimes you still have weaknesses in your wrestling game.

There is one problem that we must address right now…

The Problem:  Most Strength Training Programs That Wrestlers Use Slow Them Down And Prevent Them From Improving!

The most common issues I notice with wrestlers is that they are either not strength training at all, are training but not correctly, or they haven’t learned how to specialize.

Big mistake.

Lifting weights isn’t the answer.  Just lifting weights with no structured plan leads to soreness and slower muscles.

Wrestlers need to train differently than any other athletes in the world

You see, every wrestler is an individual and every individual is different.  That means you may have to work on a particular aspect of your wrestling more than your teammates.  For example, you may have a weakness in your ability to finish your takedowns.  You begin drilling takedowns for hours upon hours.  BUT… if you don’t train the actual muscles used in the takedowns to get stronger and work as a group, you’ll just be going through the motions.

THE SOLUTION: The secret to QUICKLY improving your wrestling technique is to add Specialization Workouts to your technique drills.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what level wrestler you are… you can quickly improve your wrestling by analyzing (and being honest with yourself) about what your strengths and weaknesses are on the wrestling mat.

Then you begin drilling your weaknesses more, and add specialization training.  The result is enhanced wrestling performance inside of 4 weeks flat!

Believe me, this stuff works…

It’s like you’re “attacking” your weaknesses so they become your strengths.  Within 28 days you actually begin to make your weaknesses your strengths for better mat performances.

So how does Specialization Training work and how can you add it to your own wrestling program for amazing results? Simple.

1. First, have your coach analyze your strengths and weaknesses.  What is your biggest challenge on the wrestling mat?

– Do you need more grip strength?

– Do you need more foot speed?

– Do you need to build more upper body strength to pin your opponents?

– Do you need to increase your power to defeat your opponents?

– Do you need to improve your take down defence?

– Do you need to finish more of your take down attempts?

The list goes on…

Just be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

2.  Set aside 3 days per week for your specialization training.  Roughly 45 minutes are needed. It is great to do during the offseason and preseason.

3.  Use priority training.  You add exercises designed to improve your weaknesses quickly for 2 of the 3 workouts.  Let’s say you need more speed on your feet.  You would use great foot speed exercises like the Scramble to Balance drill or Sumo Style Deadlifts in 2 of 3 workouts per week.  You’d then balance the rest of your program with exercises for the rest of your body.

4.  Maintain strength for the rest of your body.  As you prioritize your training to improve your weaknesses on the wrestling mat, be sure to keep your other “wrestling muscles” strong.  (It’s important to keep a balance of strength throughout your body to maximize performance and minimize your injuries)

28 days in total!

Research has shown that 28 days (4 weeks) is an optimal amount of time to train any sport-specific workout.

Gone are the days of simply training the entire wrestling team with the football team’s workout.

Gone are the days of pushups and situps for hours and hours.

These “old-school” strength training methods just don’t cut it any more.


The Fastest & Easiest Strength Specialization Solution For Wrestlers In Existence…

Workouts for Wrestlers
How to Turbo-Charge Your Wrestling Skills In ONLY 28 Days!

I’m super pumped to hear about your wrestling success, in the next 28 days from now.  I look forward to hearing of your success.

Yours in victory,

Steve Preston MSed, Sports Performance Specialist, PE Specialist, Contributor to Wrestling USA Magazine

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