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Makes Teaching Karate Easy With Over 125 Martial Arts Drills and Exercises…

  • Finally you can stop scratching your head wondering what to teach next?

  • No more inventing stuff on the spur of the moment hoping that it’s ACTUALLY going to work…

  • Discover RIGHT NOW how you can take immediate control of your karate classes, add structure and never run out of ideas again!”

Karate Teaching: 125 Dynamite Drills

The 125 Dynamite Drills ebook includes:

43 Martial Arts Warm Up & Endurance Training Drills…

These are downright heart-starting, blood-pumping, enduring exercises that will have your students working hard and wanting more…

30 Basic Karate Technique Exercises…

To refine and polish loads of basic technique no matter what style you teach. They’re fun, simple and are proven to make students more focused and deliver more power.

20 Killer Kata Exercises…

Instead of doing the same old “I’ll count and we all do it together” exercise, you can now have your students test their knowledge and understanding by trying these challenging drills.

Each requires your students to really THINK about what they’re doing, rather than mindlessly going through the movements.

21 Kumite (Sparring) Drills…

To turn a choir boy into into a dynamic, hard hitting, fast moving fighting machine! Yes, these drills work footwork, dynamic movement, timing, distance, angle of attack, etc. These are great for improving sparring skill sets for both tournament and the dojo.

12 Self Defense Drills…

To bring out the best in your students and take them as close to the real thing without the associated risk of injury. They’re extremely effective exercises for building awareness, reaction time and effective self defense technique.

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Karate Teaching: 125 Dynamite Drills

Here’s just some of what’s in the 125 Dynamite Drills teaching guide…


  • 15 different kinds of pushups – actually it’s more than that when you combine them together to make the ultimate pushup challenge! I bet you right now that your students cannot do 5 of each in one hit making a total of 45 pushups… it’s virtually impossible, but they’ll have fun trying!
  • Discover 6 endurance strength building drills to make your students harder, tougher martial artists.
  • The most difficult front kick challenge on the face of the earth. I bet you’ve never done these before… my sensei did this way back in the 60′s on a trip to Japan, and as far as I’m concerned I wish this drill had stayed there!
  • The second hardest full body workout drill on the planet used by the military – let’s face it… the military aren’t a bunch of lazy donut eaters – they’re dead serious about being in peak physical condition. If it’s used by the military it’s gotta be intense right?
  • 5 fantastic kicking drills to develop coordination, focus and speed. Without coordination you’ll never get your kick off the ground. Without focus you’ll never hit your target… and without speed you’ll never get it there in time… But these drills will have your students hitting their targets, faster!
  • A great tool to develop punching and kicking strength that you can purchase for under $3.00 at any sports store. I use these in my classes often and my students not only ENJOY the drills and exercises we do with them, but they see rapid improvements in their striking POWER!
  • 2 group drills for developing blocking & striking coordination, timing and footwork… all essential components of self defense, kata and sparring…
  • A great 4 step drill for developing sharp, fast and focused kata… I learned this back in 1988 that I still use on a regular basis to hone the kata skills of my students.
  • A fantastic focus building kata drill – this is a hugely fun way to challenge yourself or a partner’s focus while doing kata. My class erupted in laughter last week when I did this for the first time.
  • The “kata challenge” that I guarantee your students won’t get right within the first 5 attempts. Even when using your most simple kata, this is a great challenge for the mind and coordination.
  • The ultimate opponent drill – you cannot win this no matter how hard you try! But you’ll have immense fun doing this… and so will your students.
  • Discover 2 proven drills to boost fighting skills in 2 areas that most people fall short… learn how to teach your students to overcome this trouble area and instantly improve their fighting skills.
  • 2 awesome drills to absolutely boost fighting skills as a strong defender – your student’s defense will be as solid as Fort Knox once they practice these drills a few times…
  • Uncover 5 more dynamic fighting drills to work reaction time, explosive technique, body coordination and more… These drills are excellent for anyone wanting to become a better competition/dojo fighter.
  • 3 super drills to put the pressure on you so you have no alternative but fight from where you are! There’s no way to escape and you’ll soon learn how to deal with pressure – something most people lack, but not YOU!
  • My ALL TIME favorite drill called “The Circle of Death”– don’t worry, you won’t die doing it, but it’ll elevate your awareness, sharpen your reaction time and put your self defense techniques to the test!
  • 5 realistic drills that bring you as close to a real fight as possible without the increased risk of injury you have with a real fight. These will prepare you for the real thing should it arise.
  • A super self defense drill in which students take down up to 10 attackers. It’s fun, high energy and hard work!

plus so much more…

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